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Fluency For Transcription (FFT)

Simply the most mature and advanced cloud transcription platform available - secure, flexible, multiple workflows and offering high visibility to the status of all jobs in the workflow backed by almost unlimited reporting ability. Coupled with automated distribution of documents FFT will improve efficiencies and drive down turnaround times. 

Fluency Flex

As a document-creation module within M*Modal Fluency for TranscriptionTM, M*Modal Fluency Flex gives clinicians the ability to use real-time, front-end speech recognition to either self-edit documents or send them to transcription for review and editing. With the self-edit option, clinicians get immediate access to the final report, which they can sign electronically and upload to the facility’s EHR when applicable. This real-time access to patient information facilitates quick clinician communication and collaboration to improve quality of care.

Fluency Flex Mobile

An app for mobile dictation that enables clinicians to:

  • Get better transcription results with high quality audio
  • Save time dictating patient demographic information by:
    • Scanning the patient barcode sticker with camera
    • Finding the right patient by name, Medical Record Number, and other fields
    • Selecting patient from list generated by census interface with real-time updates when connected
    • View patients in chronological order of their appointment
    • Review and sign pending documents
  • Utilise quick access dictation solution with easy-to-use recording and playback controls
  • Enjoy the flexibility of working when and where they want, including:
    • Ability to dictate offline with dictation uploading automatically when network connectivity is restored
    • Ability to suspend jobs for later review/resume/completion
    • Priority service level support for rapid turnaround





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Fluency Direct (FD)

M*Modal Fluency Direct speech-enables EHR/EMR systems and other clinical systems. Clinicians use voice to navigate their desktop clinical applications and dictate narrative reports directly within those systems. Capturing spoken dictation and turning it into both unstructured text and structured data in the EHR with M*Modal Fluency Direct is a high-accuracy, “once and done” Speech Understanding™ solution. Its exceptional ease of use makes it simple and intuitive for clinicians across the spectrum of medical specialties to dictate, review and electronically sign their reports in a single pass. Providers improve documentation efficiency and completeness and avoiding much of the hassle and time drain associated with template-based, point-and-click systems — all the while capturing the depth of each patient’s story.

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Fluency For Imaging (FFI)

M*Modal Fluency for Imaging eliminates the barriers to high-quality, accurate radiological interpretations. Access to the longitudinal patient summary through an integration with M*Modal Catalyst for Radiology™ provides context-specific clinical information at the time of report creation. Real-time physician feedback prevents and addresses documentation deficiencies before reports are signed and finalized. Critical Test Result Management (CTRM) and Peer Review solutions offer additional productivity-enhancing workflow extensions. Integrations with third-party solutions deliver dose and contrast monitoring, as well as critical communications escalation capabilities, to complete the picture.

M*Modal Fluency for Imaging will:

  • Improves patient outcomes through better clinical communication and collaboration
  • Gives radiologists all the patient-specific information they need at time of interpretation
  • Delivers more accurate and clinically correlated radiology findings
  • Comprehensive documentation and workflow management platform
  • Intelligent Speech Understanding technology
  • Structured reporting and integrated productivity tools
  • Advanced Speech Understanding technology
  • Structured reporting
  • Integrated productivity tools
  • Consolidated worklist
  • Multi-location and multi-vendor
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA)

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Fluency Discovery For HIM

Fluency Discovery with Continuous Document Improvement (CDI) is a powerful solution that can augment your CDI initiatives and take them to the next level.

It allows users to perform ad-hoc, high-value searches to quickly and cost-effectively identify the information that’s most meaningful to them. With this sophisticated functionality, you can search on free-form text, medical concepts, conditions, patients, providers, etc. to identify trends, report on and improve performance.

For Imaging

Fluency Discovery with Imaging is a unique system designed to identify, monitor and manage documentation deficiencies and patient information.

The solution not only accesses information from narrative radiology reports but also from structured data sources.  It is designed to help you extract, identify, and sort the information you need – only what you need, and when you need it. And it does so easily, quickly, effectively and cost efficiently. Fluency Discovery with Imaging combines and uses information from prior documentation to deliver a robust set of decision-support capabilities which help to improve patient outcomes.

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Read More about Fluency Discovery for Imaging

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