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The DigiScribe-XL enterprise dictation platform scales from several to hundreds of users and provides crystal clear sound and immediate access to work in order of priority, allowing the secretary to type faster and work efficiently with most secretaries achieving productivity gains of over 25%. Playback is controlled via footpedal and keyboard over LAN/WAN or simply over the internet. The application allows the secretary to see a job list in order of predetermined rights and priority settings. Critical information about each job is displayed on the Dictation Selection and Control Screen. Moreover, when using DigiPlayer-IP, the dictation is played in real-time, eliminating the need to download files, resulting in significant improvements in turnaround of documents.

Choose your dictation method:

  • PC Desktop with DigiDictate-IP
  • Telephone – Analogue or VoIP
  • Smartphone – Windows, Blackberry, Apple
  • Digital portables – Philips, Olympus etc

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DigiDictate – Mobile

Smartphone dictation:

DigiDictate-Mobile offers a secure and intuitive dictation for professional users of iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Windows Phone. Each dictation can be labelled with a patient ID, referral type and priority before being sent to the web server for typing. Our standalone option will even support restricted networks with a built in 'dictate & e-mail' option.


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For Clinicians

The Centro Clinical Documentation System allows clinicians the freedom to effortlessly create reports from the ground up, guiding users through the complete documentation workflow while saving time and reducing errors. Centro is the clinician’s one and only destination for all of their clinical documentation needs.

For Nurses

The Centro Clinical Documentation System is an all-encompassing charting workspace that provides users facility-wide with a method to create and manage their documents. Crescendo recognises that a nurse has a tremendous role in patient well being and that Centro can provide a centralised space where healthcare professionals can coordinate, improving patient care.

Flexible Input

The Centro system can be used on an array of devices to build a report, including free-form or structured dictation, typing or touch input, handwriting recognition, speech recognition and form-fill facilities. For example a Smartphone or tablet can be used during rounds to capture preliminary information, allowing for more accurate data collection. The report can then be completed on a personal computer rather than relying on handwritten notes or one’s memory. 

Patient Centric

The Centro system uses a patient-centric approach, eliminating the need to manually enter patient data, saving minutes per report. The application even presents the user with a patient summary, providing a snapshot of a patient’s current condition including vitals, medical history and allergies, to name a few. The patient summary is configurable by location, keeping the most relevant data at the physician’s fingertip at all times.


The Centro Web application allows clinicians or nurses the freedom to view, modify and sign-off their reports from anywhere via Tablet, Smartphone or Laptop, all that is required is a compatible browser and internet connection. The application provides the user with the ability to create draft reports with the option to complete at a later time via Centro. 

Electronic Chart

The user has access to vitals, patient history, allergies, medications and chief complaint directly from the patient’s bedside. 

Improving Accuracy

Centro Web can be used during rounds to capture preliminary information, allowing for more accurate data collection. The report can then be completed on a Personal Computer rather than relying on handwritten notes or ones memory. The physician can even prescribe medication on the spot, which can be sent directly to the hospital pharmacy decreasing medication errors and adverse drug effects. 

User Tools

The user has access to their personal inbox containing correspondence from other clinicians, directly from Centro Web. The user can also access a schedule and to-do list.

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MedRite-XL is a complete and modular network solution dedicated to the specific needs of the healthcare environment, from transcription to report distribution. The most advanced transcription system on the market, MedRite-XL allows thousands of healthcare facilities worldwide to streamline internal processes and improve transcription productivity regardless of the complexity of the documentation workflow.

Productivity Tools

MedRite-XL provides transcriptionists with all the tools necessary to efficiently produce accurate and timely reports. The system provides easy navigation, word expansion utilities, automatic template pull up and the population of demographics, unclear dictation markers and Post-it notes for flagging difficulties.

Administrative Features

The system supervisor has complete control over the medical transcription workflow thanks to the ability to configure all MedRite-XL components (routing, distribution, user connection, etc.) without interrupting the system operation. Detailed management reporting also provides full visibility over productivity levels. The system also features complete Billing and Pay Management functions.

  • Eliminates Repetitive Typing
  • Reduces Keystrokes
  • Easily Flags Difficulties 
  • Automatic Template Pull Up
  • Post-it Note Functionality
  • Automated Report Distribution
  • Optimized for Speech Recognition
  • Automated Distribution
  • Print, E-mail or Fax Reports
  • Import and Export of Files
  • Electronic Signature Available



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