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We have been supplying enterprise digital dictation systems to the legal and commercial sectors since 1988 with many legal, insurance and banking firms seeing the efficiency and productivity benefits of a managed centralised digital dictation system. Our solutions were the leading products then as they are today. We offer two streams of enterprise systems our premium system, Crescendo’s DigiScribe-XL and our standard system, Lanier Swift Enterprise. Both offer multiple dictation inputs, a managed workflow and a central dictation repository. Digiscribe-XL adds full management reporting, high scalability, sophisticated workflow options, outsource capability, DMS integration and supports multiple thin and fat client environments.

Crescendo Systems

Crescendo’s Digiscribe-XL digital dictation platform is a highly sophisticated workflow solution for firms looking for a high visibility, high availability, highly configurable and scalable solution that accommodates the multiple workflows than can occur within one environment. The Digiscribe-XL system is the most secure platform available as there is only ever one copy of the dictation, jobs are NOT copied for transcription allowing the use of media-less terminals as all audio is streamed and buffered real time sending only that part of the audio required. 

PC Dictate

The dictation interface of DigiDictate-IP allows for quick and easy creation of dictations capturing whatever demographic is necessary, matter number, work type or precedence even select from the data available through the integration with your DMS. Once created see what work queues have the greatest Workload and select one that helps spread the load. Also monitor the progress of your work and review any completed documents directly linked to your DMS. 


DigiDictate Mobile’s client-centric approach makes it the most comprehensive dictation application available. Manual input of data is eliminated and remote access to server-based data results in constant updates on the progress of work, anytime - anywhere. By taking advantage of, and expanding on, the latest in touch-screen technology, Crescendo ensures that DigiDictate Mobile is equipped with the easiest navigation system possible. Controlling the dictation is effortless and the application even offers the option of mimicking the slide-switch recording system.

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Digital Portables

Professional digital portables are a convenient and effective way to have dictation on the move. Jobs can be uploaded from any internet connected PC by accessing the iDeliver web page on your IIS server. This frees the portable unit from needing a LAN docking station or VPN access to complete the download of dictations. The professional units from Philips and Olympus allow the assigning of UserID and Work type to assist in the identification and management of all dictations.

Telephone Dictation   

For a highly scalable and cost effective way to dictate DigiScribe-XL offers telephone port dictation with voice driven prompting and full function dictation control through the telephone keypad. Input can be via either analogue or VoIP extensions from the PABX. 


DigiScribe-XL allows you to transcribe from your personal computer whether you are in the office or at home, using a local/wide area network or simply via the Internet. Moreover, thanks to DigiPlayer-IP, you can play dictations in real-time mode without having to download files manually: voice streaming technology allow voice files to be played while they are still being downloaded, paving the way to significant improvements in the turnaround of client documents. This easily configurable application allows you to see a job list in order of predetermined rights and priority settings. Critical information about each job is systematically displayed on your Dictation Selection and Control screen including Subject matter, Author ID, length, Work Type, priority, backlog and much more. You can also benefit from total fingertip control, including volume, tone corrected speed, job suspension and Microsoft® Word automatic template pull up.

Workflow and Management

DigiScribe-XL provides a management console that facilitates access to all dictation and system parameters, based on user rights, from any network or remote personal computer. The DigiConsole Master View provides critical job information at a glance allowing for complete management control. High priority jobs are colour coded in order for them to be recognised immediately by the viewer. By right clicking on a job directly from the Master View, the voice can be played, batch functions can be applied and job properties can be accessed and edited. Thanks to unique routing capabilities, the system can indeed schedule and route jobs as per any criteria: Author, Secretary, Work Type, Department, and more. As a result, more control can be gained over the workflow environment and productivity levels. Alarms can also be set to automatically change the priority of a dictation should it exceed its turnaround or trigger time, ensuring that no deadline is missed. DigiConsole also offers extensive management information through its reporting option, issuing turnaround data, summaries and trend analysis.

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  • Create and send dictations to your choice of resources
  • Prioritise work, add supporting comments
  • Monitor the progress of your work
  • Use your Smartphone app to dictate and select your client or matter fed from your DMS
  • Digital portable dictation uploaded over any internet connection
  • Integrated Speech Recognition 
  • DMS integration automating template or precedence selection
  • Review completed work directly from within the dictation application
  • Outsource automatically with your business rules




Lanier Voice

The Lanier Swift Enterprise dictation solution adds a very low cost alternative to a managed workflow environment with Work Type, User or priority routing rules via typing work pools or to individual typists. Dictation input can be through your PC, Mac, Smartphone, digital portable or telephone input.

For smaller practises this is an ideal solution as it gives all the basic dictation functions with some capability of routing transcription to Workpools or individuals as well as having a central database repository.  

The central server is a web server and utilises HTTP/HTTPS protocols on a selectable port and IP address to communicate over your LAN or internet.

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PC Dictate

A simple and effective PC or Mac dictation application, it utilises the Philips Speechmike for outstanding control of the dictation process. A matter number and work type as well instruction notes can be assigned to each job for identification and workflow control by the server application. 

Smartphone Dictation

Pocket Dictate features record and playback dictation all in the palm of your hand. For ease of use, operation is designed to closely mimic that of old style dictation recorders. You can playback, rewind, insert or overwrite as required with a tap of your finger and send completed audio dictations to your typist via email or FTP.

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Lanier Swift Express Scribe is a professional audio player software for PC or Mac designed to assist the transcription with dictation recordings. A typist can install it on their computer and control audio playback using a transcription foot pedal or keyboard (with 'hot' keys). This transcribing software also offers valuable features for typists including variable speed playback, multi-channel control, playing video, file management, and launch Word templates. 

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