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Do you want to capture the complete patient story while maintaining an efficient and productive workflow?

Would you like to dictate your notes and letters, and have them quickly returned as digital, compliant, searchable documents that you can share via print, fax, secure messaging or EMR?

How about being able to keep your documentation on your premises for as long as you need it?

Lanier Voice can give you solutions that will enable your department or enterprise to be more efficient and compliant. Our systems will simplify your clinical documentation process through accurate, reliable and secure transcription of your notes and letters into digital documents - all based on your personalised templates. Our platforms are designed to enhance efficiency and preserve your natural workflow; our choice of platforms allows you to stay focused on what really matters… patient outcomes.

Choose the platform you need whether an on-premise or cloud solution, own it or pay-as-you-go. Ideal for:

  • Outpatient clinics
  • Discharge summaries and letters
  • Nursing observations

Our solutions are dedicated to the specific needs of the healthcare environment, from transcription to distribution. With the most advanced transcription systems in the marketplace allowing thousands of healthcare facilities worldwide to streamline internal processes and improve transcription productivity regardless of the complexity of the documentation workflow.


Our systems provide transcriptionists with all the tools necessary to efficiently produce accurate and timely reports. The system provides easy navigation, word expansion utilities, automatic template pull up and population of demographics, unclear dictation markers and QA notes for flagging difficulties.


The system supervisor has complete control over the medical transcription workflow thanks to the ability to configure all system components (routing, distribution, user connection, etc.) without interrupting the system operation. Detailed management reporting also provides full visibility over productivity levels.


The use of distribution engines that automatically handle all distribution, imports and exports, and supervises transcribed files so that you don't have to. Reports can be printed, emailed, faxed or uploaded to you EMR, PAS or BIS depending on department or individual preferences.


Each user has a secure login with individual privileges and restrictions which can be configured by the administrator. In the unlikely case of a security breach, the system records detailed logs of every major activity, ensuring unauthorised access or use can be easily detected.


CDI allows users to perform ad-hoc, high-value searches to quickly and cost-effectively identify the information that is meaningful to you. Whether it is for quality or research, our sophisticated functionality allows you to search on free-form text, medical concepts, conditions, patients, providers, etc. to identify trends, report on and improve performance. Finally you can data-mine this rich source of clinical information – as a standard feature of the platform.

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Get in Touch.

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Unit 2
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PO Box 1525
Mona Vale NSW 1660