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Diagnostic Services

  • Improve quality, productivity and efficiency
  • Accelerate report turnaround time
  • Promote informed decision-making
  • Orchestrate workflow for optimised experience

Lanier Voice offers reporting solutions that unite three critical applications: intelligent Speech Understanding™ or speech recognition with structured reporting, a consolidated vendor-neutral worklist, and business intelligence and analytics.

Good reporting is simply not enough in today’s fast-paced, quality-driven healthcare environment. In an era where electronic health records are the norm and data is key. Inconclusive and delayed findings cannot be tolerated as the detriment to diagnosis, treatment and patient safety is too extreme. Even a single hour delay is critical. Our solutions accelerate any reporting while improving productivity and distribution of stronger, more accurate findings. Radiologists create reports by doing what comes naturally, speaking. Clinician dictation is transformed into electronic documents that are structured, clinically encoded, searchable and shareable.

  • Comprehensive documentation and workflow management platform
  • Intelligent Speech Understanding technology
  • Structured reporting and integrated productivity tools




Multiple sites, multiple specialties, multiple RIS, EHR and PACS. This is the environment radiologists face today. Our solutions simplify and unify the ontology work list. Every exam, regardless of location or vendor, is brought into a single view. Advanced exam filtering and prioritisation, as well as workload distribution and exam assignment capabilities based on customised business rules, facilitate the delivery of high-quality, sub-specialty interpretations.

For radiology important clinical content, such as lab values and pathology reports, are available within the workflow—at just the right time.

The result?

Measurable improvements in productivity, turnaround time, cost-effectiveness, quality and patient outcomes.

  • Work automatically distributed and prioritised based on system and specialty filters
  • Business intelligence drives exams to the right specialty reading room
  • Clinicians rapidly move through the interpretation process

Clinical Content—Delivered

The job of specialist clinicians is to make a diagnosis as quickly and accurately as possible. But without access to patient-specific clinical data, they work in a vacuum. Our solutions eliminates the barriers to high-quality, accurate interpretations.

Access to the longitudinal patient summary through integration with health information content servers provides context-specific clinical information at the time of report creation. Real-time clinician feedback prevents and addresses documentation deficiencies before reports are signed and finalised. Critical Test Result Management (CTRM) and Peer Review solutions offer additional productivity-enhancing workflow extensions. Integrations with third-party solutions deliver dose and contrast monitoring, as well as critical communications escalation capabilities, to complete the picture.

  • Improves patient outcomes through better clinical communication and collaboration
  • Gives clinicians all the patient-specific information they need at time of interpretation
  • Delivers more accurate and clinically correlated findings

Business Intelligence — Analysed

You can’t improve processes until you measure and analyse them. Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA) capabilities deliver both tactical and strategic tools needed for informed decision-making to better manage the practice. Powerful capabilities give clinicians and administrators real-time answers to planned and ad hoc questions, as well as make workflows smarter and more efficient.

  • Have tactical and strategic awareness
  • Monitor and improve defined organisational performance
  • Distribute and manage work effectively





Collaboration Drives Patient Care

Every day clinicians recommend follow-up procedures, treatments and exams that get lost in phone calls and faxes. Disjointed communication leads to patient safety issues, delayed treatments and higher healthcare costs. Our solutions promote follow-up care and protect patient safety by enhancing and automating clinical communication. Interpretations, reports and recommendations are expeditiously forwarded to primary clinicians. Findings are communicated and action is taken. The end result: risks are reduced, patient safety is improved and healthcare dollars are saved.

Unique Features and Benefits


  • Structured reporting
  • Intelligent Speech Understanding
  • Pre-signature Clinician feedback
  • Consolidated, enterprise work list
  • Patient problem summary
  • System and specialty filters
  • Customised, intelligent workflows
  • Robust third-party integrations
  • Automated communication
  • Clinical data at time of interpretation
  • Smart business analytics





  • Provides a better speech alternative
  • Compiles exams across all locations, modalities
  • Reduces delays due to incomplete information
  • Prioritises work, saves time
  • Optimises user experience
  • Improves patient safety, compliance and outcomes
  • Eliminates inconclusive findings
  • Delivers context-specific patient information for strong decision-making




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Unit 2
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PO Box 1525
Mona Vale NSW 1660